Otherwise known as Business Insurance, these are the policies that protect a business large or small from the exposures inherent to that particular industry. Every business could have an exposure to loss from:

Property - Buildings, Business Personal Property;

Liability - Exposures to Bodily Injury or Property Damage to a 3rd Party resulting from your company's negligence. Coverage is provided under a Commercial General Liability Policy;

Business Income - Protects the loss of income that the business would have earned prior to the covered loss for a given period.

Business Auto - Covers the Vehicles owned by a Commercial Entity for Liability & Physical Damage;

Cyber Liability - Coverage outside of Bodily Injury or Property Damage whereby Technological Equipment is damaged or has caused damage to another's IT system

Workers Compensation - Provides the Business with 100% Medical Coverage should an injury take place "arising from the course of employment";

EPLI - Employer Practices Liability Insurance - is coverage for businesses that cause injury to an employee as a result of their practices regarding Hiring/Firing; Harassment, and other employment-related activities.

Why have an Agent for these policies:

Ease of doing business - You are not an insurance expert and you need to spend your time on your business. Be it Billing, Servicing, or Policy Questions, your Agent should be able to provide answers when you need them;

Someone to talk the language of Insurance with the Company - The Terms used are unique to the Insurance Industry, and you need an expert to develop a comprehensive and cost-competitive plan who advocates for you with the Insurance Underwriter;

When a Claim is necessary- You need your agent to explain the coverage and assist you with the processing of that Claim until the Claim is Paid.

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