Remaining Sane While Traveling Abroad With Minors

August 27, 2021

After not traveling due to COVID-19, many of us are now making up for lost time and going for a vacation with our family. As much as we want to travel with our children and make lifelong memories, we all know that that it can be pretty stressful at times. You’ll be able to create memories through photos and keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Let’s take a look at some tips to keep everyone happy (and sane) on your holiday.

  • Plan for a trip abroad with kids, including obtaining vaccinations and medications, what to pack, red flags to look out for a while traveling, and on your return home.

Do your research on what type of vacation you want to have. Do you want to go down the tourist track or would you rather find hidden gems that may not be in a travel book? Keep in mind that this may depend on how old your children are and if they’re going to tire after a short time. If this is the case, are they young enough to sit in a stroller so you can continue to sight-see? If your children are still young and you are going to rent a car don’t forget to book a reservation with a car rental company that offers car seats – or bring them with you

Father holding baby daughter during flight on airplane going on vacations. Baby girl drinking formula milk from bottle. Air travel with baby, child and family concept. Tired man traveling with kids

Long-Haul Flights

You may decide to travel where you only need to get one flight as flying for hours and hours with little ones makes you cringe. There are several ways to get around this so you can travel long distances and still have your mind intact when you arrive.

If you want to travel where you need to get on two flights, you can organize it to have a layover and stay in a hotel that night so you can all get a decent amount of rest (and sleep) and then get on your second flight the following day. The flights may also be cheaper with connections as well.

Have a Flexible Itinerary

As you know, as much as you would like to plan things when you have kids, things don’t always go as planned. It’s good to have a general itinerary and a list of things you wish to accomplish on your trip. 

Having a rigid itinerary puts pressure on everyone and can take the fun out of the trip. Everyone fixates on being at a location promptly and may lose out on the moments of the experience. However, while traveling abroad, some scheduling is necessary. Stick to a few essential experiences to accomplish for the day as well as a general timetable.

pins marking travel itinerary points on map and passport

Pack Their Favorite Possessions

We all have our favorite things, even as adults. This could be a favorite bag or book that you always take with you. It’s precisely the same with our children. This will help keep you sane (and your kids) if you remember to bring your kid’s favorite toys (depending on how old they are), pillow, etc.

All in all, remember to be patient, take things slowly and enjoy all the memories that you are making with your family. These are memories that will last a lifetime.

Portrait of a young happy family with two children packing for holiday at home.

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