Rooftop Shoveling Safety Tips

The snow keeps falling, and as your insurance professional, we want to remind you that the snow needs to be removed from your rooftops before the following occurs:

1) Ice Dams – Will form and create water damage within your house.

2) Roof Collapse – The temperature will start to increase over time, and with it will be rain, not white fluffy snow. The weight of the snow that has already fallen, left unattended, could collapse the building. If you leave it as is, and the rains come, you will triple your chance of collapse. Removing the snow load now will alleviate both of these exposures to loss.

Warning: Removing snow from a rooftop can be very dangerous to your health. Never turn your back to the edge of a roof, and exercise extreme caution when removing snow that is above your head.

If you cannot do it yourself, hire a contractor who knows how to do the job. If you are the owner of a secondary residence, the time is now to take action if you haven’t been to the property lately. With the temperatures so low, everyone needs to be sure the furnace is running to avoid serious water damage inside the house. If you have a house that is not occupied daily, you must check on it regularly to be sure the heat has not gone off.

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