New Hampshire Classic Car Insurance

classic car insuranceBarton Insurance has been helping New Hampshire drivers secure affordable and dependable classic car insurance since 1954. We know classic cars!

There are differences between New Hampshire classic car insurance and standard auto insurance. When it comes to protecting your antique automobile with New Hampshire classic car insurance, one of the most significant differences is how the value of your vehicle is determined.

Standard auto insurance uses actual cash value – your vehicle’s original purchase price, minus the standard yearly depreciation – to determine the value of your vehicle.

With classic car insurance, an agreed value is determined when purchasing the policy. This value is the guaranteed amount paid in the event of a total loss; no lesser value or depreciation is considered.

New Hampshire classic car insurance typically results in drivers paying up to 60 percent less than standard automobile coverage, but select limitations are placed on the car and driver. These usually include an obligation to store the vehicle in an enclosed space, a yearly mileage restriction and a minimum age requirement. Although these conditions are fairly standard with classic car insurance, specific obligations can vary by insurance provider.

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